Armin Only Intense Road Movie episode 22: Antwerp

During the penultimate episode of the road movie, we witness the last international edition of the Armin Only Intense show in Antwerp.

After more than a year on the road with each other, every single soul in the crew is broken up about the pending end of the Armin Only Intense world tour. A golden team to it’s very core — at times everything threatened to come apart at the seams, but everybody kept it together and showed what an incredible team the Armin Only Intense family is. No feat too great, no mountain to high, the amazing chemistry between each and every member of this team resulted in an unprecedented show that is still at its very peak!

After an emotional yet unbelievable show in Antwerp, it’s now time to head off to Amsterdam and go out with a bang and a show like never before!

The tour might be coming to end, but we’ll always remain — the Armin Only Intense family!