Timetable for ASOT 650 – Utrecht Announced!

Timetable for ASOT 650 – Utrecht Announced!

We’re extremely pleased to present to you the official timetable for the Utrecht edition of the A State Of Trance 650 ‘New Horizons’ World Tour. February 15th, 2014 marks the day when an outstanding lineup of the world’s top trance DJ’s will remind eager fans that The Netherlands is the place of birth of A State of Trance. Here’s where it all started, and here’s where the ASOT Cadets will land a memorable show for thousands of trance lovers.

With the Trance Family, the ASOT Cadets, and ten-thousands of listeners tuning in, the show promises to be absolutely massive. A new tour, a new celebration, and a new venue – it’s time to take it to the next level!

For those not able to witness the show in Utrecht, there will be a live video stream capturing every beat, directly broadcasted to you on: live.astateoftrance.com. Want to share your ASOT650 experience? Tweet to #TeamASOT on www.twitter.com/asot!

Grab your tickets while they last: www.astateoftrance.com/650

20:00 21:00 Armin van Buuren
21:00 22:15 Audien
22:15 23:30 Cosmic Gate
23:30 00:45 Dash Berlin
00:45 02:00 Armin van Buuren
02:00 03:15 New World Punx
03:15 04:30 Andrew Rayel
04:30 05:45 Jorn van Deynhoven
05:45 07:00 Aly & Fila vs JOC
Who’s Afraid of 138
21:00 22:15 Paul Webster
22:15 23:30 Ian Standerwick
23:30 00:45 Jordan Suckley
00:45 02:00 Sean Tyas
02:00 03:15 Photographer
03:15 04:30 Armin van Buuren
04:30 05:45 Bryan Kearney
05:45 07:00 Ferry Tayle b2b Manuel le Saux
ASOT Invites
21:00 22:15 Eximinds
22:15 23:30 Protoculture
23:30 00:45 Max Graham
00:45 02:00 Ben Gold
02:00 03:15 KhoMHa
03:15 04:30 Kyau en Albert
04:30 06:00 Mark Sixma
New Horizons
21:00 22:00 Toby Hedges
22:00 23:00 Maarten de Jong
23:00 00:00 David Gravell
00:00 01:00 Fisherman & Hawkins
01:00 02:00 Hazem Beltagui
02:00 03:00 Arisen Flame
03:00 04:00 Alexandre Bergheau
04:00 05:00 ReOrder
05:00 06:00 Allen & Envy

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